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Kate’s Avatar
Kate Jun 03 135 views

How to approach writing a report for a task?


One of the tasks that I'm working on as an intern requires me to write a report on my learnings and findings.

What might be the best way to approach this?

Zyterrious’s Avatar
Zyterrious Jun 05 140 views

Is maintaining a business hard to do?

I know anyone can start a business but some fail some find major success any tips on how to keep a business fresh an successful.

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09 103 views

Did you lose intrest after you finished studying for your career?

After all the years was your intrest in the beinging was it the same one?

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey May 10 273 views

What career should I pursue

If my strengths are being patience and paying close attention to detail, type of careers or industries might best fit me? What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers?

Matheus’s Avatar
Matheus May 11 210 views

What are some career options for someone that enjoys communicating and traveling. I also value my down time to recharge.

Some careers I'm considering are finance and insurance because they involve communicating and travel, as well as data and sharing new ideas.

Sam’s Avatar
Sam May 12 191 views

How do you reach out to someone within your network you're not that close with?

I recently applied for a job and noticed that someone within my LinkedIn network works for the company I applied to. This person and I were just classmates and maybe talked once or twice, I don't even think they remember. But, we are connected and I wanted to reach out about my application...

daesean’s Avatar
daesean May 16 142 views

What would be a good way to develop marketing strategies for new products.

how can i be a better leader in marketing when partnering with product development teams

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline May 16 163 views

How can I intermingle business and politics to work in both areas?

I would like to own a business that could also leave a political impact.

Zongyin’s Avatar
Zongyin Mar 25 351 views

is accounting a hard major?

and what's the salary like in accounting

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25 231 views

Are there any ways I can 'fast-forward' college and spend less time there?

Aspire to be a Pediatrician ASAP :)

Cato’s Avatar
Cato Mar 25 153 views

Does my academic success determine my future?

Recently college admissions came out and I was not admitted to any top universities. Does going to community college determine my future.

Cato’s Avatar
Cato Mar 25 152 views

Is it easy to find a job with a business finance major?

Is it easy to find a job with a business finance major?

Canming’s Avatar
Canming Mar 12 154 views

Where can I find a suitable career?

I want to research about careers that I want to do during college or after college either working as an intern or a real job.

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 17 125 views

Whats something Unique from a business career that outstands other careers?

I want to know if there is specific info that is outstanding that help me decide

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 17 265 views

How do you know what career is the one for you?

I'm interested in two different careers but I don't know which one to pursue because both careers have some pros and cons from my perspective.