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Newport News, Virginia

Within 40 mile radius
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Ryan 2 days ago 182 views

Transferring from one military branch to another?

Hi, I am currently serving in the Virginia Army National Guard. I joined the Guard because it offers substantial money for education, allowing me to serve part-time while pursuing my degree without incurring debt. I am nearing the completion of my community college education and have clear...

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julian Jun 20 600 views

what is the best business mangement stratetgy?

business mnagement tips

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Dmya Jun 17 270 views

What personal qualities and skills are most important for an anesthesiologist to have?

I am a rising junior

anistatia’s Avatar
anistatia May 30 383 views

what is the daily schedule of a lawyer

what is the schedule of a lawyer from day to day

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Coby May 14 345 views

What the goals I need to set to becoming a business person or an entrepreneur?

I am a 9th grade student and would love to pursue my career in business and would want to be an employer of labor one day or in the future.

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Grace May 07 415 views

How do I get involved in sports management in high school?

I want to work in the NFL someday.

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Sonia May 05 286 views

"What are the key challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a business, and how can they overcome them Share your insights and experiences with our community! #Entrepreneurship #BusinessChallenges"?

"What are the key challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a business, and how can they overcome them? Share your insights and experiences with our community! #Entrepreneurship #BusinessChallenges"

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angela Apr 30 506 views

which is the best medical school?

medical school tips

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Jhon Apr 23 413 views

What can I do to continue my life career ?

Im currently an accounting student at Santa Monica College transferring to a four-year university this fall 2023. I have completed both Financial and Managerial accounting courses and information
systems courses that emphasize Microsoft Excel.

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Isabella Apr 06 290 views

what to do to be a rich young woman?

ways of achieving financial freedom

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Tatum Feb 14 21145 views

How do i start a youtube channel?

How do I start a youtube channel I really want to its kinda always been my dream but I don't know where to start. Any tips will help. But sometimes I think about doing photography. Please help any tips.

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Betany Feb 11 1138 views

What is the best major for college?

I'm in 12th grade thinking of a major for college

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Elizabeth Feb 09 641 views

What job is it to interview and study criminals ?

What job is it to interview and study convicted criminals? I just started my psychology degree and I currently have a BA in criminal justice

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Donnell Jan 29 589 views

how did you look for jobs to commit to after college that would accept and pays good to be a software engineer

I’ve been told some colleges help pick your jobs

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Gavin Jan 19 2168 views

What should I do if I have no clue what I want to do with my life?

Im a senior in high school and don't know what to do after I graduate.

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