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Ru’s Avatar
Ru Feb 28 350 views

How can I figure what career I want to pursue when I'm only 15 and have so many different interests?

Im currently a sophomore in high school and Im feeling pressured to choose my courses and extracurricular activities that are based on my future career.

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Feb 28 454 views

Should a Marketing Manager be sarcastic with co workers while in the middle of working?

I am in 8th grade. My favorite classes are P.E. and College and Career. I want to go to a good baseball school because I like baseball.

marco’s Avatar
marco Feb 28 390 views

Do you need humor as a businees manager?

I am 14 years old my hobbies are football.

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Feb 28 271 views

Should a Marketing Manager be kind to their co workers who are against their ideas?

I am in 8th grade, and I play sports like baseball, and basketball.

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Feb 29 708 views

How do you end up getting a good job after college and become successful in marketing

I plan on going to Arizona State at W.P Carey Business school to study marketing and planning to get a minor in international business. I have always wanted to do marketing but want to become successful in this career field. How possible is this to achieve?

Preya’s Avatar
Preya Feb 29 381 views

What steps can I take to align my career aspirations with the current market demands and emerging trends in my field?

What steps can I take to align my career aspirations with the current market demands and emerging trends in my field?

Gianni’s Avatar
Gianni Feb 29 399 views

How will being happy help me succeed as an investment banker ?

I am a 14 year old in 8th grade just a few months out of graduating to high school.I always liked the ideas of negotiating going back and forth with one another till we get to an agreement.I always liked watching my parents negotiate for a good deal for a car.

abraham’s Avatar
abraham Feb 29 470 views

How can I be more caring to be more prepared to become a business man?

I'm still in school and want to study business.

valiliano’s Avatar
valiliano Mar 01 348 views

What is the greatest strength I bring to work

what is a benefit i can bring?

Larry’s Avatar
Larry Mar 01 393 views

How to improve myself?

What is time managementing

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Mar 02 1064 views

How can I start my real estate career at 16?

I’m a high schooler maintaining a 4.0 GPA and I’m graduating in the fall, Im so confused on where to start my journey in real estate because of my age. Many have told me to slow down and wait till i’m 18 to get my license but then I see all these young entrepreneurs online investing in real...

Ahmed’s Avatar
Ahmed Mar 05 927 views

How to secure a junior position to kickstart your career?

If a student graduates, what should the first steps be in order to land a junior job?
Any tips or recommendations?

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Mar 05 1314 views

What types of specific jobs/career paths should I look towards if I want to be in entrepreneurial environments or travel whilst helping, negotiating, or creating with others?

-Looking for careers i could look towards regarding this
-How to land jobs of this caliber and how to work for it as a 10th grader
-Available jobs, internships etc in metropolitan areas such as for me (Tampa)

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Mar 06 1676 views

Can a history major go into a business job?

I love the study of history more than any other subject and if I could major in it I would. I've always heard that history majors are versatile as the soft skills will land you a job from teaching to business. What business jobs can history majors get and how much will they be paid. Would it be...

clinton’s Avatar
clinton Mar 06 1137 views

what is the best profession?

writing tips