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Megan H.’s Avatar
Megan H. 4 hours ago 6 views

How do I figure out if I am interested in studying physical therapy and how can I prepare myself to apply to those programs when applying for college?

I am a highschool junior interested in this field and just want to know more about it and how to get involved. #physicaltherapy #college...


Matthew W.’s Avatar
Matthew W. Jul 01, 2016 895 views

What are habits for success?

What do you do every morning to be productive during the day? At night? Any tips are more than appreciated! :) #help #advice #success #fitness #exercise #routine...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Jan 10, 2017 684 views

What are some good sources on the web that are good for learning basic programming?

I'm a beginner at programming and would like to know some resources that would hopefully help me practice some programming skills that I will be learning in my comp sci classes. #computer-science #programming...


Keyli R.’s Avatar
Keyli R. Jan 03, 2018 952 views

How many years of college would it take to be a pediatrician

Because I'm interested in working with baby's #medicine...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jan 12, 2018 242 views

How can one maximize the use of social media to network with other people and companies?

Social Media allows us to access such a wide range of people but how can this vast network be narrowed down to benefit career prospects? #networking...


Samuel P.’s Avatar
Samuel P. Jan 16, 2018 242 views

Why is anthropology important for us, and why should be apply it to society?

I am asking this question because there are many individuals who might misunderstand the term of anthropology. #anthropology...


Ayden W.’s Avatar
Ayden W. Dec 10, 2019 148 views
Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 27, 2016 556 views

Is a career in livestock and farming a good option nowadays ?

I stumbled upon and now I'm considering the path less traveled....any tips? Is it a good idea? #agriculture #farming #livestock...


Tiara D.’s Avatar
Tiara D. Aug 02, 2019 84 views

What can you do with a dance major?

I dont want to be restricted in what I can do with a dance major. #dance #college...


Tiara D.’s Avatar
Tiara D. Aug 02, 2019 65 views

What does it take to have a dance company?

Im looking to major in dance. #dance...


Peter D.’s Avatar
Peter D. Jan 21, 2018 223 views

Computer Scientist Resume

As a soon to be a graduate computer scientist, how much detail should I have on my resume? For example, all of my programming projects or just the more noteworthy ones? #computer-science #programming...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 02, 2016 594 views

How does a GAP year after high school affect my career?

Due to me moving countries, after high school, I was unable to enroll and start at a university. #college...


Cris E.’s Avatar
Cris E. May 07, 2015 1424 views

Is it really hard managing a group of people?

I one day like to start up my own business #business #management...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Feb 19, 2017 490 views

Any advice for undecided majors?

My friend switched from a math major to undecided and not sure what she wants to do now. Any words of advice to what she can do to decide on a major? #college-major...


Krishigan Y.’s Avatar
Krishigan Y. Mar 13 45 views

Is it possible to get all of my financial aid from scholarships

I want to know if its possible to get all my financial aid for a university that costs 58k from online scholarships and if so, how many I would roughly have to apply to in order to gain anywhere close to that amount , and I know its unrealistic to get that much from scholarships so i wanted to...

#scholarship #financial-aid #college

Krishigan Y.’s Avatar
Krishigan Y. Mar 13 52 views

if I miss the deadline for admissions can I still talk to the office of admissions and get accepted?

I have applied and gotten accepted to rutgers university and penn state university, although both of thee universities are a bit expensive for me, so i was wondering if I could request the office of admissions for George mason university and Virginia commonwealth university for admission even...

#college-admissions #college #college-advice

Chris J.’s Avatar
Chris J. Mar 21 38 views

How to find a career in college

Im a sophomore at community college I’m a health general major I graduate this spring semester...


Kyle H.’s Avatar
Kyle H. Oct 21, 2015 729 views

What dose it take to be a Under water Photographer?

i am a Junior in high school and is looking for a job in photographer. I was looking and found under water photographer. What does it take to be a under water photographer? Does it pay well? Is it a fun job? Do you work with other people? Thanks #photography #photographer...


Brady K.’s Avatar
Brady K. Jan 03, 2018 325 views
Peter D.’s Avatar
Peter D. Jan 21, 2018 798 views

Intern/Work in Australia

I recently came from a study abroad experience in Australia. I fell in love with the city of Melbourne and would like to know what are some of the best approaches for getting employment in Australia as a computer scientist? #australia #computer-science...


Shova S.’s Avatar
Shova S. Sep 10, 2019 77 views

What are the best way to find job related to account for new student?

I am Shova Shrestha. I am from Nepal and came here as a dependent visa. I go to Montgomery College, Rockville. I will finish my associate degree in Business. However, since i am an international student I don't have much experience and fluent English language skills. Whenever the job is opened,...


Zander W.’s Avatar
Zander W. Apr 18, 2018 239 views

What study tips can help an easily distracted mind manage college expectations?

Like many, this is my first time away from home for an extended time. I am nervous about managing my personal focus and organization skills without support. I look forward to the social aspect of going to college, but worry about managing my studies in a timely manner. I know of support...

#study-tips #stress-management #time-management #organization-management #study-skills #study-habits #self-improvement

Tatyanna S.’s Avatar
Tatyanna S. Oct 26, 2016 615 views

What are the downfalls of majoring in Computer Science/Computer Technology if you ultimately want to work in the cyber security field?

I am interested in pursuing a career in cyber security, but some schools I am interested in do not offer cyber security as a major. #computer-science #information-technology...


Ayon R.’s Avatar
Ayon R. Jan 16 93 views

How do I become a Data Scientist after completing my undergraduate degree in Economics?

I'm currently pursuing an Economics degree (lots of econometrics experience) and I am learning principles of machine learning on the side. What aspect of data science should I focus on honing to get my foot into the world of DS/ML? #technology...


Amanda N.’s Avatar
Amanda N. Mar 11, 2018 288 views

What influence have the classics had on your understanding of literature?

Interested in further pursuing ancient Greek or Latin, curious as to how deeper study in those areas influences literary perceptions. #english-literature #classical-studies #literature...


isiah T.’s Avatar
isiah T. Aug 21, 2019 61 views
Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 27, 2016 4494 views

What is the toughest thing about being in sales?

What are some tricks you learned on the way? #business #social-media #sales...


Payton H.’s Avatar
Payton H. Sep 01, 2017 425 views

College rowing, yay or nay?

I am REALLY into rowing, crew is my life, especially as a coxswain to just wants to see my boat succeed in everything they do together. But I don't know if pursuing rowing in college is a good idea if I'm going to be doing other things like some of the harder classes plus a major and a minor....

#crew #sports #athletics #college #college-sports #rowing

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