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Luz Maria M.’s Avatar
Luz Maria M. Oct 21, 2016 477 views

How long of a residency does it take to become an ER doctor?

This is a career choice which has interested me for quite some time, and it is the career which I'd like to pursue. #doctor...


Brenda H.’s Avatar
Brenda H. Jun 27, 2018 233 views
Yarexcy H.’s Avatar
Yarexcy H. Jun 27, 2018 241 views

How many things or animals did you have to learn about?

If you are a vet, did you need to learn every part of every animal?Also how many things or procedures #animal-health did you have to learn #veterinarian #animals #veterinary...


Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Jul 27 113 views

What does the outlook for pharmacists look like?

I'm a 2nd year pharmacy student and I currently work at Hy-Vee Pharmacy. I have heard mixed answers for this question. #pharmacy #pharmacist #joboutlook...


Takarai M.’s Avatar
Takarai M. Jun 27, 2018 288 views
Anna U.’s Avatar
Anna U. Jun 27, 2018 271 views

I want to become a neurosurgoen in the future

What advice can you give me to help me achieve my goals? Do you enjoy doing neurosurgery? What steps did you take to become a neurosurgeon? What are some challenges you faced along the way? How many years did it take you to get to where you are know? What collage did you go to? How did you pay...

#healthcare #neurosurgeon #hospital-and-healthcare #neurosurgery #medicine

Yoselin V.’s Avatar
Yoselin V. Jun 27, 2018 254 views

How much schooling do you need for architechure

How many years of college do need to be an architect. #architect #architecture #design...


Monique C.’s Avatar
Monique C. Jun 27, 2018 218 views
Mary L.’s Avatar
Mary L. Jun 27, 2018 242 views

How hard will it be becoming a artist and how long will it be

I want to know how long will it be becoming a artist because I really want to become one of them and how long it be to get a college decree to becoming an artist or a great craft of making a lot of thing just using my head. thank you for reading my message hope you will replay bye. :D #artist...


Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Jul 27 77 views

How to respond to connotation of big business with the pharmacy profession?

People often negatively associate the pharmacy profession with big business. We get comments often on prices, availability, etc. However, pharmacist are often just middle men in the process of pharmacutical companies and insurance companies. #bigpharma #bigbusiness #pharmacy #pharmacist...

#negative #july20

Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. May 05, 2018 975 views

Is there a possibility for a pharmacist to specialize in nutrition or become an Registered Dietitian?

My goal is to become a #pharmacist that specializes in #healthy #lifestyle management , which would encompass managing a person's #medications along with their lifestyle and #nutritional needs. I believe that lifestyle changes can reduce and even prevent risk of diseases or health issues before...

#nutrition #dietician #pharmacy #medicine

Abby S.’s Avatar
Abby S. Jun 27, 2018 318 views
Mariah M.’s Avatar
Mariah M. Jun 27, 2018 286 views
Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Jun 10, 2018 324 views

To be a Dietician, what certificates or degrees do you need?

I am interested the the field of pharmacy and lifestyle management/ nutrition. I want to combine pharmacy with nutrition in my future career. I am graduating undergraduate early so technically I will not have a major. I could get a healthy lifestyle management minor in undergraduate or look at...

#pharmacist #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #registereddietician #management #minor #healthcare #major #certificate #creighton #pharmacy #nutrition #earlyassurance #healthy #healthadvocate #dietician #foodscience

Lillianna B.’s Avatar
Lillianna B. Jun 27, 2018 232 views
Ximenna M.’s Avatar
Ximenna M. Jun 27, 2018 280 views

I want to be a lawyer. What do I need to do to be come one?

I'm going into 6th grade and I know that want to work as a lawyer in a Law Firm. #lawyers...


Marcella M.’s Avatar
Marcella M. Jun 27, 2018 306 views
Jessica W.’s Avatar
Jessica W. Dec 21, 2017 700 views

What is the typical amount of compensation at a mid-level nonprofit job?

Hello, I am interested in understanding more about working in or for nonprofits. #nonprofits #non-profit #non-profit-organization-management...


khyah V.’s Avatar
khyah V. Jun 28, 2018 292 views
Elizabeth H.’s Avatar
Elizabeth H. Jan 20, 2018 356 views

How time consuming is the coursework?

I'm asking how time-consuming the coursework in college so that I can decide how many extra clubs, jobs, internships, ect. I can pick up while still maintaining a decent GPA. I have a tendency to over book myself so I'd like to see what some have say to about the coursework and time management....

#time-management #college #time-needed

Danika B.’s Avatar
Danika B. Jun 27, 2018 257 views

Is a surgeon a good career to have?

I am really interested in being a surgeon. But you have to go to school for a long time. Is it worth all the time at school. Does it have good pay? #surgeon #surgery #medical-school #neurosurgeon #career...


gianna S.’s Avatar
gianna S. Jun 27, 2018 281 views
Emily A.’s Avatar
Emily A. Jun 27, 2018 259 views
Doris H.’s Avatar
Doris H. Jun 27, 2018 408 views

Do you have to go to college to become and Actor or actress

Your just acting not really doing math,ela, and world History and other subjects. But it is good to learn more about those subjects. #actor #actress #acting #film #theatre #theater...


Grace H.’s Avatar
Grace H. Jun 27, 2018 290 views

what college did you go to?

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