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Samantha T.’s Avatar
Samantha T. Aug 21, 2018 172 views

Studying in College

How does one effectively study in college but still maintain a string social life?...


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Isabelle E. Mar 05, 2018 183 views
Isabelle E.’s Avatar
Isabelle E. Mar 05, 2018 215 views

What are sororities like?

I've always heard about them, but I never really understood what they are, or what it is like to be in one....


Kristen S.’s Avatar
Kristen S. Oct 03, 2019 85 views

What are some other healthcare careers that get over looked?

I would like to be an occupational therapist but I want to be sure that is what I want to do #ot...


Samantha T.’s Avatar
Samantha T. Aug 21, 2018 182 views

Graduate School

Will graduate school be like undergrad where I'm going to school and working on the side, or will it be more like I'm starting my career and finishing school to become a lawyer? #prelaw...


Sean W.’s Avatar
Sean W. Jun 30, 2018 319 views

How do I know for sure when the job is the one? The one where I'm happy to be at?

My dad majored in economics and loved it, but ever since then, he hasn't found a job that he actually enjoyed. I don't want to be in the same situation my dad was. I want to enjoy my job and be excited to go each day. #happiness #enjoyment...


Shiloh B.’s Avatar
Shiloh B. May 10, 2018 203 views

What mindset do you carry with you wherever you are?

Whether at work, school, the store, what mindset do you carry and how do you think having that mindset affects your life and the people around you? #justwondering #mindfulness...


Shiloh B.’s Avatar
Shiloh B. May 10, 2018 564 views

What is the most important professional quality a person can have?

Employers, teachers, colleges, and even parents all search for and even expect certain qualities in people. What are a few of the qualities you look for in someone and what do you think the most important quality would be? #qualified #expectations #personal-development #professional-development...


Sasha M.’s Avatar
Sasha M. Jan 22, 2018 374 views

I would like to know how others with chronic illness of fibromyalgia have survived a full time school schedule

I suffer from fibromyalgia but I have big plans to attend nursing school this coming fall. I know this that full time college schedule is demanding and I have been developing "tools" to cope but I wonder if others have come up with good ideas I haven't thought of. #fibromyalgia...

#student-with-disabilities #disability-awareness

Alexa R.’s Avatar
Alexa R. Mar 25, 2018 809 views

How do I devote my career to serving others while making sure I'm financially stable and independent?

My college education has been rich in genuine service, social action, and giving back to my campus and my community. I have loved every second of this experience because I thrive on interacting with new people and I want to change the world. I truly believe people can make an impact and I want...

#leadership #service

Claudette L.’s Avatar
Claudette L. May 29, 2018 237 views

Is there still age discrimination in the workforce?

I have read that for people over 50 it is hard to find a job. What are the chances of me finding a good job after graduation based on my age? #discrimination, #experiencevsyouth #experience #workforce...


Bethany N.’s Avatar
Bethany N. May 17, 2016 541 views

What schools are best if you want to go into psychiatry, or does the school not really matter?

I want to become a psychiatrist and am starting to look at different med schools that I could go to. Are certain schools better if I want to go into psychiatry, or does the school not really matter as much? #college #doctor #medicine #psychology #college-major #medical-school...


Sasha M.’s Avatar
Sasha M. Jan 22, 2018 250 views

I would like to what path other Michigan based nurse midwives have followed.

I plan to become an RN and then further my education to ultimately become a nurse midwife. I would like to hear others stories of success in this endeavor to reassure that I have mapped out a good path. #nurse #registered-nurses #midwife...


Bethany N.’s Avatar
Bethany N. May 17, 2016 434 views

What are some good jobs to have or experiences to get after undergrad to boost your medical school application?

I'm about to be a senior in college and I really want to go to med school to become a psychiatrist. Psychology has been my passion since I was a junior in high school, so 4 years now. Psychiatry really interests me because I love looking at the brain, and the ever-changing field will fuel my...

#doctor #medicine-school #medicine #psychology #psychiatry

Chase S.’s Avatar
Chase S. Oct 03, 2019 101 views

How do you find internships related to psychology?

I would like to have a career that involves working with children or families...


Kylie S.’s Avatar
Kylie S. Oct 03, 2019 114 views
Kass D.’s Avatar
Kass D. Jun 04, 2019 223 views

What are the usual degree requirements of a Web Designer and Developer

I am starting school at a local community college this fall, and after long deliberation, have decided that I want to do web design/development, since I have taken both AP Art and AP Computer Science Principles, and they both ended up being two of my favorite classes, and have given me enough...

#webdeveloper #design #college #webdesign #graphic-design #informationsystems #web-designer #associates-degree #web-design #webdevelopment

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